Aniella Sophie Goldinger is a landscape architect and transdisciplinary spatial researcher, currently based in Berlin. Her research is centered around the extended urban fabric and oceanic hinterlands, and works to render visible the interplay between structures of power, ecologies, and more-than-human stakeholders. Her work explores cartographic, spatial, literary, and on-site methods to critically investigate relationships and frictions within landscapes and their broader socio-cultural and geopolitical context.  

She holds a Master's degree from the Oslo School of Architecture, where her thesis research delved into the material agency and spatio-legality of sea ice in Arctic marine spatial planning. She participated on the Marine Research Institute's 2023 winter expedition to the Barents Sea and continues to be drawn towards wetter, colder and more viscous territories.

Her work involves community-engaged environmental research projects with local communities, using mapping as an active tool for imagining alternative futures and strategies of care for oceanic and terrestrial spaces. As a member of the Architectural Association's Terrain LAB, she investigates the operational landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea, focusing on past and future marine practices within the Aegadian Archipelago.

Her work has been nominated for a RIBA President's Silver Award, published in the Guardian, OTTAR and Kerb Journal and shown at the Venice Biennale.

Recording the Longyearbreen glacier. Svalbard (7813'25.9"N 15°38'26.9"E) 2022. Photo: Eimear Tynan.